10 surprising utilisation for chapstick nobody ever told you about


small lamps
You’ve spotted a great pair of shoes, so rush to the store and buy them. I decided to wear it right away, but after a few hours of walking it started to seriously hurt your feet and appear small blisters very quickly.
stuck rings
If you cannot remove a ring with your finger, run the lip balm on your skin around the ring. Pull and twist until it comes out completely. It works every time!
dry nose skin
You just recovered from a deadly cold, but now you have to face another problem: After days of a runny nose and blown nose, the skin around your nose becomes dry and cracked. In this case, apply balm instead of moisturizer, as the latter has a more protective effect. The balm is effective on every part of the body where there is dry skin, for example elbows, skin, feet, etc.
Small wounds and cuts
Heal small cuts and cuts with lip balm. The latter does not replace the bandage, but helps clean wounds, which speeds up the healing time.
shoe care
If you don’t have shoe polish at home, use a lip balm to achieve the same effect. The balm softens the skin and gives it a new and shiny look. Be careful not to accidentally reuse it on your lips…
To loosen the laces
Our laces tend to fall back when they shouldn’t. And before you know it, you find yourself in a very embarrassing situation. Apply the balm directly to the knot, and tighten it as tightly as possible. Backtracking won’t come anymore!
If your hair is very dry, act fast before it breaks and splits. Spread the conditioner on the palms of your hands and then massage the ends of your hair. Again, don’t use too much to avoid getting it dirty.
closure stuck
If the zipper is stuck, spread a little conditioner (top and bottom), then pull it up and down. A few gestures will be enough to calm everything down and your zipper will open again without a problem!

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