Meatloaf for dinner



A short trip to the United States, for a classic recipe for American housewives. Leftover meat, other seasonings, cheeses, vegetables, … This recipe can be cooked endlessly by diversifying the pleasures. You have found the recipe that meets all your criteria. easy right? If you would like to watch the simplified version of the recipe, feel free to watch the supporting video.
*Ingredients: 4 people.
°350gm minced beef
°1 bundle parsley
°1 onion
°20 grams of breadcrumbs
°pinch of nutmeg
°3 tbsp. hot ketchup
°1 egg
°1 c. salt
Preheat oven 5/6 (175°C). Put the parsley and onions in a blender, chop for a few seconds and then add the slices of bread cut into small cubes. Mix for a few seconds.
Seasoning meat with salt // pepper. Adding ketchup, eggs // nutmeg. Blend for 5 sec. Put the minced meat in a plate and give it the shape of a bread ball or put it in a cake pan in the form of a sandwich loaf. Put it in the oven for about 45 minutes.

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