Easy Mexican Street Corn


Grilled corn is delicious as is, but for more flavor try this tangy, creamy and cheesy version.
*ingredients :
°corn in the cup
°4 medium sized buns, peeled and de-hulled
°cooking spray
°4 planes
°light mayonnaise
°¼ cup(s)
°¼ tablespoon chopped
°Plain Greek yogurt without fat
°2 tablespoons)
°Lemon flavor
°Half tsp, finely grated
°Fresh lemon-juice
°1 tsp
°Ancho-Chili Powder
°½ teaspoon(s)
°mince garlic
°¼ tsp(s)
° cheese
°4 tablespoons queso cotija (see note below)
* instructions :
Heat the grill to medium power.
Spraying corn light with nonstick cook spray; Roast corn to soft & slightly charred, stirring occasionally, for 12 min.
Meanwhile, combine mayonnaise, cilantro, yogurt, lemon peel, lemon juice, chili seasoning, and garlic in a small bowl.
Brush the roasted corn with the mayonnaise mixture, then sprinkle each piece with a tablespoon. of cheese. Sprinkle with additional chili seasoning and serve with lemon wedges, if desired.
Enjoy !

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