Banana Smoothie


The banana smoothie is very simple: we place the ingredients in the blender, we mix and it’s ready! It is therefore a drink that is really quick and easy to make, delicious and very sweet.
* Ingredients for 2 smoothies:
° 1 banana (preferably ripe)
° 250 ml of milk (semi-skimmed for me)
° 1 tablespoon of brown sugar
° 1 teaspoon of liquid vanilla extract
*Preperation :
Cut the banana into pieces and place all the ingredients in the blender. For the smoothie to be refreshing, use very cold milk.
Mix. If you have a blender, don’t change a thing! If you don’t have one, I recommend this super powerful little mixer from Moulinex that I was given and that I love. It has 3 blades so it grinds everything in a flash (fresh fruit but also dried fruit, onions etc), so I use it all the time!
What is great is that it does not take up space and is dishwasher safe. And besides, it is not expensive 🙂
Enjoy !

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