Best Ever Chicken Salad

* Ingredients:
° 2 chicken cutlets
° 1 punnet of cherry tomatoes
° Liquid honey
° Old-fashioned mustard
° 1 bag of fresh salad (preferably young shoots)
° Balsamic vinegar
° Olive oil
° Pepper

° Salt

* Preparation:
Cut the chicken cutlets into small pieces and blanch them for a few minutes in a non-stick pan.
In a small bowl, combine about 4 tablespoons of liquid honey and 4 tablespoons of old-fashioned mustard. Add this mixture to the chicken and brown over low heat until caramelized.
Meanwhile, toss the salad, the halved cherry tomatoes and the diced Emmental.
Add the pieces of caramelized chicken while still hot.
Season with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, pepper and salt.

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