– This cold, crunchy broccoli salad topped with red onion and studded with bacon is the way all of your summer party fantasies should be.

– As a cold comfort meal, broccoli salad only wants to be taken to the next summer party. Yeah, it’s covered in a mayonnaise-based dressing what other salad isn’t? this dish can be eaten with a number of different toppings.

– The broccoli salad may also be called broccoli slaw because it’s a very similar dish to coleslaw which features a raw vegetable in a creamy, mayo-based salad dressing. Our easy broccoli salad recipe is basic, elegant, and easy to prepare.

– For raw broccoli, I used 2 12-oz bags.

– Chopped Red onion, I used half cap.

– Shredded cheddar cheese, just one cup is enough.

– 1 Cup. Of creamy coleslaw dressing, I always used the Kraft brand.

– 1/2 Cup.Of Cooked bacon chopped.

– This is the part that may be hard to believe because it is too easy: just make sure to add all of these ingredients in a large bowl really carefully, and combine them properly.

– And then store them in the fridge for approximately 2 hours.

– I personally really like this salad because it goes well with a ton of different tastes and even more toppings.


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