How To Make Old fashioned Meatloaf Recipe


Today I’ll show you how to make some of grandmas juicy old fashioned meatloaf. it’s delicious, juicy and rich of flavors.

But before starting here is some great tips for a nice cooked, juicy and beautiful meatloaf…

Make sure to get it nice and even, because that’s will help cook it evenly. You don’t want something like, this side is done, and the other side not yet. So, by you making it nice and even, it’ll get done at the same time all around the whole meat loaf. And what I like to do, is pour just a tiny bit of water in the bottom of the pan to get it going. But that little bit of water will definitely evaporate and what you’re going to get, is some oil that’s going to come off from your meatloaf into your pan.

Shape the mixture into a loaf form, smooth out any cracks that’s in it, and make sure it’s not too high, but high enough so that it looks like a meatloaf.

Feel free to use a low form pan and make it into a football or whatever you want to do, you can make this into little tiny Meatloaf’s if you want it too.

Smooth out any areas that look like it might be cracked; because, all your juices will go flowing out.

You want all that beautiful juice right down in your old fashioned Meatloaf, to stay in there. So, take your time to smooth the edges out and get the shape that you’re looking for.

Smooth all those cracks out, take your time. Any time you’re in the kitchen, I want you all to take your time, because, when you take your time and you have patience; trust me, you’re going to have some good results.

Because, patience is the key to good cooking. I really do I like to put love on everything that I am making. I don’t care if it’s a fried egg that I’m making or an old fashioned meatloaf, or something else. I love to put my heart my soul and everything that I have into that egg. Absolutely, if you’re not doing that in the kitchen, I’m not sure what type of food you’re serving people.  LOL



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