Peanut butter balls aka Buckeye Balls


Different types of cream cheese. A sweeter version for those like me who don’t like peanut butter. Food-grade paraffin added to chocolate makes dumplings nice, shiny, and slightly firm when rolled, and they’re close to cans. at the grocer.
*Ingredients :
°One cup 130 ml contains butter
°85g cream cheese
°1 teaspoon vanilla
°A cup of 190 ml contains peanut butter
°400 grams powdered sugar
°340 gm chocolate chips
°0.5 square paraffin wax
 * Preparation :
Butter and cream cheese.
Add other ingredients and shape into balls, use 1 teaspoon cracker to keep consistency, refrigerate for 0.5 hours.
Melting chocolate also wax in double boiler. Dip balls and place them on waxed paper to freeze.
Enjoy !


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