Pinto beans, bacon cornbread and pickled onions


°2 lb Ham Hooks
°1 lb. bento bento
°3 garlic cloves
°1 32 ounce can chicken broth (low sodium)
°1 tablespoon of butter!!
°1 medium onion chopped!!
°1 stalk chopped celery!!
°1/2 chopped green pepper!!
°1/2 teaspoon cumin!!
°1 teaspoon of paprika!!
°1/2 teaspoon black pepper!!
°1 teaspoon dried parsley and thyme!! 1 vegetable bouillon cube!!
*Preparation :
Add washed pork shanks to a pot with 8 cups of bubbling water for two hours. After 2 hours of cleaning the beans, add to the pot along with 32 ounces of the minced chicken stock, garlic, and the rest of the above flavors !!
Cook for 2 1/2 hours or until the peas are tender and juicy!! Note: I cooked mine on the stovetop for 4 1/2 hours and the meat would turn into pieces, if your question as to why the peas didn’t start cooking before is assuming you cook the peas for 4 hours on the stove it becomes mush.
So I added it halfway through to keep it strong and rich.

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