Put the aspirin in the washing machine, the effect is perfect, the reason will make you speechless

Place the tablets in a large bowl or bath of warm water to dissolve. Stirring aspirin water to all tablets are completely dissolved. To making tablets dissolve faster, you can also break them up before putt them in water. Then put the faded white garment in the bowl or bathtub of the aspirin and let it soak for eight hours. You can also add a little aspirin to the washer, but the soaking method works best. After the clothes are soaked, they should be washed in the washing machine as usual.

It happens quite often: I bought a beautiful piece of clothing and a month after the purchase, it is already starting to fade. What about black clothes that turn gray in blink of an eye? Fortunately, there is easy trick to fixing that. All you needing is black pepper!

distorted clothes
It’s a real horror, these stained clothes. Mostly because it’s not exactly a cheap exercise; When your clothes lose or change color, you tend to buy new ones – and then the whole cycle begins again. It’s time to break this vicious circle with this easy-to-use little trick! If you add black pepper to the washing machine, your clothes will come out shiny and colorful. Say goodbye to dull clothes!

Here’s how it works: Put your faded clothes in the washer and add your usual laundry detergent. Next, add a teaspoon of black pepper to the device. Wash clothes in cold water. You will notice that the laundry will come out in its original colors. How it works? Lather makes your clothes dull and fade faster. Due to the texture of the pepper, there is no chance for soap scum to stick to clothes. This way, your clothes won’t come out of the machine and look dull. Moreover, it also prevents the colors from changing.

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