Ground-beef marinate in taco-spice, topping with shred cheese & tomatoes, & wrap in braid pizza dough. It’s a fun & different method to eat  taco!
* Ingredients:
°1 lb / 480 g lean ground beef.
°Refrigerated pizza dough.
°2 cups shredded lettuce.
°1 cup shredded cheese: Fiesta Blend.
°1/2 C chopped onion.
°1/2 cup water.
°3 tablespoons homemade taco seasoning.
°2 tablespoons of olive oil.
°1 diced tomato + more for garnish
°2 tablespoons of melted * unsalted butter.
°Sour cream or taco sauce for serving.
* Directions :
Step 1:
Using parchment paper to organize folded baking traying by lining it.
I set oven temperature to 375 degrees F .
Step 2:
I heat olive-oil in  skillet on medium heat.
Adding chop onion also cooking about 5 min  To soft.
Adding lean beef, & cook on low heat until browned.
I added the water and the homemade taco seasoning and mixed them until well combined.
Reduce the heat and boil for 7 minutes.
Step 3:
In the meantime, I transferred the parchment paper to my storyboard.
I laid the parchment with the pizza dough and rolled it up so it measured 10.15 inches.
I make 1 1/2″ & 3″ tranches round long sides of crust use pizza cutter.
Placing mince meat in center of dough.
Using 3/4 cup of cheese to cover the beef then I added the tomato cubes.
I folded the end up, starting at one end of the braid, and wrapped the first two strands to secure it.
Step 4:
For the remaining slices, I only repeated the wrapping before the last two.
I folded the remaining end and wrapped it around to protect the last two strips.
Fifth step:
I gently brushed the top and sides with melted butter. Sprinkle over the remaining cup of cheese.
Step 6:
On an edged baking sheet, I transferred the parchment, and baked until golden brown, 20 to 25 minutes.
Let it cool before serving for 5 minutes.
Step 7:
For toppings, I topped with chopped romaine lettuce and extra tomatoes. Serve taco cue with sour cream and taco sauce.
It was delicious like you said, and I really hope your families enjoy it. Mine definitely did.
Kids will enjoy eating it and it will be a great meal to take for a picnic.
Enjoy !

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