Turkey Ranch Club Wrap


* 1 Tortilla Wrap (I used multi-grain, use whatever you prefer)

* 2 ounces of smoked turkey…

* 1/2 slice sharp American cheese (or cheese of your choice)

* 2 slices cooked bacon**

* 1 tablespoon Ranch dressing

* 2 tomato slices

* Romaine lettuce (you could also use baby spinach)


Lay tortillas out on a clean flat surface. Spread 2 to 3 Tablespoons of ranch dressing onto each tortilla. Top dressing with 4 slices turkey. Top turkey with 2 slices bacon and one slice cheese. Add a little lettuce and tomato.

Fold in ends of tortilla up over fillings, then fold up burrito-style. Slice in half and serve. Enjoy!


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