Turmeric & Honey: The Great Powerful Antibiotic That Even Doctor Can’t Explain


The mixture of turmeric and honey complements its antimicrobial activity. Together they could paintings towards a whole lot of bacterial and fungal traces acknowledged to motive infections in humans.
” Also,
“Turmeric, along side honey, can enhance pores and skin hydration and elasticity and make a contribution to higher pores and skin health. Turmeric and honey are beneficial in treating oral mucositis that’s a hardship of most cancers treatments.”
Here is a way to put together the turmeric and honey recipe:
Turmeric&  honey
1 teaspoon ground turmeric (therapeutic grade) honey cup
2 drop lemon oil (optional)
* Methods :
Mix the ingredients, stirring well, then cover. Store the combination at room temperature and stir earlier than every use.
To combat the flu or a common cold, take 1/2 of a teaspoon of the combination several instances a day.
Enjoy !

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